Xbox 360 Home Repair

So you’ve just finished a rabid session on the Xbox 360 and you turn it off to have a rest, you come back half an hour later and switch your console back on only to be greeted by the “3 red rings of death!”. This means that you console is no longer operational and it will continue to be un-operational unless you repair the unit. The scenario above is very common to owners of the 360 and if you are unlucky enough to have it happen to you then you only have 2 options. In this article I hope to show you some options including an Xbox 360 home repair.One option is to send it back to Microsoft so that they can repair it for you, however this is only an option if your console is still under warranty (unless of course you are quite happy forking out $100 for the repair). Additionally you could opt to get a 3rd party to repair the console for you.The other option you have is to learn how you can fix it yourself in the comfort of your own home, otherwise known as an Xbox 360 home repair. This option is actually more common than one would think.Thanks to the advent of the internet there are numerous Xbox 360 repair guides available on the internet for one to purchase and download which show you how you can take apart your console so that you can fix the “red rings of death” (RROD) problem.The best guides for an Xbox 360 home repair include a detailed pdf which shows you step by step what to do. One notch above this is the guides which include video instructions so you can actually follow along as the person is dismantling the unit and repairing it.

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